Death by Truffles

Neuners 1st case


Chapter 1

A beautiful warm summer day, a slight breeze gently purrs through the charming baroque city of Salzburg. A sense of bygone times is all-pervasive. A sweet melody fills the air. A multitude of chimes perfectly defined - a Mozart symphony echoing melodically throughout the streets of the old town. Exquisitely mellow violins, cellos an octave below them, and then, the highlight of the piece, the rataplan.


Mia and Alexia, engrossed in their conversation, didn’t hear the music.

‘And then, imagine ...’ Alexia disinterestedly poked at her Greek salad, tears of anger and disappointment running down her pretty face.

‘I got out of the shower and guess what happened next! He gave me, what I thought was a loving kiss, handed me a coffee, smiled brightly and then tossed divorce papers onto the breakfast table.’

Mia, Alexia’s best friend and business partner, whose real name was Maria Anna Steiger, almost choked. Her fork fell clanking to the ground.

‘He what?!’ she spluttered. ‘You’re kidding? That’s not true, is it? Was he out of his mind or what?’

Her voice echoed throughout the restaurant. Some guests turned around and stared sizing up the elegantly dressed young woman before continuing their lunches. An extremely attentive waiter immediately handed Mia a fresh set of cutlery. Enraged, Mia pushed aside her vegetable quiche, along with the cutlery, and beat her fists on the table.

‘How dare he do such a thing? What a scumbag? I knew it from the beginning! I just knew it! The damned bastard leaves me speechless. You can’t let him get away with this Alexia! On the way to the gallery I’ll drop you off at Mertens and Partner. Your godfather can give you legal advice. You must act immediately Alexia, there’s no other way!’

Mia signalled to the waiter. She dug in her purse, pulled out a fifty-euro note, and dropped it on the table. She then jumped up and gestured to Alexia to follow her. She knew Alexia well enough to know the day was over for her and that today she would re-open the art gallery on her own.

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